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Trump succumbs, reverses ban on int’l students

By Oluwaseun Sonde

Trump administration has succumbed to pressure, reversed its policy that would bar international students who only take online courses from staying in the United States.

According to CNN, the announcement was made on Tuesday by federal judge in Boston, this came after Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that students at schools offering only online courses due to COVID-19 pandemic would need to either leave the US or transfer schools.

US District Judge, Allison Burroughs said the administration will return to the policy that was in effect in March, which provided more flexibility for students enrolled in schools that switched to all-online courses because of the pandemic.

The move to drop the policy is a reprieve for more than one million international students in the US. In the last week, students had expressed frustration and concern over their next steps, as universities and colleges announced decisions to move all courses online.

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