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U.S Primaries: Joe Biden Vs. Bernie Sanders?

By Rehan Rajput

While the world is super excited to see the U.S Primaries result at the same time the World having to go through the Corona Virus epidemic, unfortunately. This epidemic has put an onus over the Trump administration as Democrats project this as a Government’s inability to tackle the epidemic effectively. Apparently, this phase is going to affect the Presidential Elections as the Country has suffered a lot due to the Virus.

It has unfolded a ground for debate as Democrats & Republicans have started blaming each other over Coronavirus damage. Governor Ned Larmont announced the delay of April 28thConnecticut Primary Elections till June due to Coronavirus. Even, five other states – Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland have postponed their presidential primary elections. Wyoming also cancelled its in-person part of Caucuses. After Elizabeth Warren dropout, Joe Biden & Bernie Sanders are the only candidates remaining in the Battleground for Presidential Candidate race. 

Most of the People presume Joe Biden as a Democrat Presidential Candidate after the recent Super Tuesday. Though, it would be a bit early to predict to the same as Bernie Sanders is not completely drop out yet. Sanders has a firm and a good number of supporters in the upcoming states too. Though, the proposed proposals by Sanders are not easy to accept as Sanders tax proposal will raise $23.3 trillion over a decade. Thus, around 2/3 of the total amount is needed to fund his Medicare for all plan. This would certainly increase taxes on all income groups. Sanders might once again moot over his pitch as it seems little disproportionate with the current system.

Michael Bloomberg founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP who spent over $500 million for the presidential candidate race has finally endorsed Joe Biden. People look forward Joe Biden as a final Presidential Candidate but the Game is not yet over. Though, this is evident to see Biden has won many key states primaries and getting good response from Minority community as well especially in the Southern states. But He still needs a long way to get 1991 delegates to be a Democrat Presidential Candidate. Whereas, Sanders sweeps a big key states California and dominated in Hispanic as well. 

Unambiguously, Bernie Sanders could quit the race by now but He did not do it in 2016 as well until the last primary. Bernie is a veteran politician and known as a progressive firebrand candidate. He knows there are the many Big States are still remaining Also, Sander’s speeches appeal to many as these looks like a Political Revolution. Notably, Sanders had the most amendments done by the floor vote than any other lawmaker. Sanders proposals are potentially considerable which includes $15 minimum wage, Medicare for all, Move against Economic inequality and money influence in Politics.

Biden’s greater score is a robust lead over San proves to an extent that people are not willing to easily adopt “New Proposals & Policies” as every change needs some time. But, we should never presume the things before its time as Politics is the most unpredictable game. Bernie Sanders is still in the game. 

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