Uganda: Over 4000 declaration result forms confiscated, says Bobiwine

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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The Opposition of the Uganda Presidential election, Robert Kyagulanyi known as Bobi Wine has said that more than 4000 declaration result forms of his party were confiscated by President, Kaguta Museveni to frustrate any attempt to go to court over the 14th January, 2021 election.

While addressing the Ugandans through his official social platform on Friday, Bobi Wine said what happened on 14th of January is an insult to the memory of all those who have paid the ultimate price so that democracy reigns in Uganda.

According to him, “Article 1(4) of the Constitution of Uganda provides that the People shall express their will and consent on who shall govern them and how they should be governed through regular, free and fair elections. But for Museveni and his regime, they have eliminated the words “free and fair”.

“Categorizing and unequivocally reject the results manufactured by Gen Museveni’s operatives and read by Mr. Byabakama because they do not in any way represent what the People of Uganda chose on the 14th of January 2021 and we have overwhelming evidence to this effect”, he said.

Bobi Wine called on the People of Uganda to reject this mockery and refuse to acknowledge President Museveni as the winner of the January 14th polls because he defeated him. “Ugandans must resist his treasonous attempt to forcefully impose himself on us as president.

“Resisting tyranny is not only a right but a duty for oppressed people to carry out. We encourage all of you to use all non violent and legal means and ides at your disposal to engage in this fight for complete freedom. We have always said that People Power is Our power. The stolen votes belong to the People of Uganda”, he said.

He added that the people of Uganda must rise to the occasion and free themselves and their country from that small group of gunmen who do not care about the future and that of their country Uganda. “Unlike Museveni who unleashed untold violence and suffering on our people in the 1980s.

“We choose non-violent strategies in the pursuit of freedom and democracy. We are committed to non-violence because we despise violence. That is why we are fighting against a violent tyrant. Studies have shown that non-violence is even much more effective in breaking violent dictatorships”, Bobi said.

Therefore, he encouraged the citizens to take a firm stand against the M7 regime. “Many Ugandans are eager to hear our position on whether or not we shall go to court to challenge the thuggery and fraud.
From the 17th of January when the coup was announced, we have received numerous calls advising us on different strategies and we’re we are grateful.

“Those who are against going to court have told us that it is a waste of time. They have argued that the composition of our Supreme Court as it is today would not rule against Gen. Museveni because he is the one who has appointed all of them to the bench. They have made reference to the past cases filed by Dr. Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi in the same court and how the decisions were arrived at”.

He added that the regime has been actively trying to frustrate any attempt to go to court. “They have intimidated our polling agents, but most crudely confiscated more than 4000 of our Declaration of Results forms, which are of crucial importance in an election petition.

“We have tasked the authorities to return these forms, but they are yet to respond. The leadership of the National Unity Platform is in the process of consulting stake holders but most importantly the common people and in a few days, we shall communicate our decision to the nation”, he said.

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