Uganda: Still stuck with 18months old baby without food – Bobiwine

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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The Opposition of Ugandan President, Kaguta Museveni on the concluded Presidential election, Robert Kyagulanyi, known as Bobi Wine has claimed being under house arrest for six days with an 18 months old baby without food and milk.

Bobi wine who cried out on his official social platform on Tuesday, said the 18months old baby’s dad had brought her to visit her auntie, his wife “Barbie” just before they were raided and besieged, while the dad was blocked from picking her up.

He said, “We have completely run out of food and milk yet no one is allowed to leave or come into our home.

“Day six under house arrest and we’re still stuck with an 18month old baby. Her dad had brought her to visit her auntie (Barbie) just before we were raided and besieged, he was blocked from picking her up”, he said.

Bobi wine who has claimed election fraud against his opposition, President, Museveni. “On election day, our teams received countless calls from polling stations where soldiers took over polling stations and ticked ballot papers for everyone.

“In Kwania district, soldiers spent the night pre-ticking ballot papers from a hotel where our teams found them. They were chased away with gunshots. This happened in many other districts”, he said.

He also said he is being intimidated by armed men who surrounded his home. “Heavily armed military and police have once again raided our party offices in Kampala.

“No one allowed to go in or come out. Museveni after committing the most vile election fraud in history, has resorted to the most despicable forms of intimidation”, he said.

Meanwhile, internet was partially restored in Uganda on Monday almost five days after a near-total blackout was imposed across the country ahead of elections.

The Long-term leader, Museveni was declared the winner of a 14 January presidential election, securing 58.6% of the vote and a sixth term after 35 years in power. His main rival, musician turned lawmaker, Bobi Wine, came a distant second with 34.8%.

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