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Universities seeks Court Order to block Trump ban on Int’l students

By Oluwaseun Sonde

Some Universities have sought-after Federal Court Order to block Trump administration’s ban on international students from being in the United States to attend the Cambridge institutions because most classes will be held online in efforts to reduce the chance of community spread of COVID-19.

The leadership of the Universities which includes Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in US District Court in Boston, while seeking a temporary restraining order that would put the Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy on hold for 14 days.

In court papers, Harvard and MIT said that for some students, like those from Somalia and Ethiopia, they cannot attend classes on-line in their home countries because civil unrest makes Internet access unlikely at best.

“Some students face conditions of social unrest, economic instability, or other threats to their continued safety” if forced to return home.Others might be drafted in their home countries, might face threats or abuse based on their sexual orientation, or might not be able to access mental health treatments,‘’ the universities argued.

The universities also insisted the administration’s abrupt change in policy was in violation of federal law and contended the students would suffer irreparable harm if the rule is allowed to remain in place.

“The harm to Plaintiffs and their students from denying a temporary restraining order pending consideration of the issues far outweighs the government’s interest in going back on its word due to its single-minded desire to deny the pandemic conditions and reopen everything, no matter the health risk,‘’

According to court papers. “The Directive is also contrary to the public interest because it arbitrarily and capriciously hinders universities’ efforts to reduce the chance of community spread of COVID-19 as the universities asked the federal court to schedule a hearing on their request Wednesday while they push for the courts to permanently block the order from taking effect.

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