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Unlawful use of a song lands Equity bank in court

A 22- year- old man has sued Equity Bank Kenya for using his song ‘Wing to Fly’ in its advertisement without his authorization.

Appearing to court on Monday, November 18, 2029, the petitioner claimed his effort to demand payment from the bank hit a dead end despite the fact that the lender has been using his song for the last 6 years.

He narrated how the bank management accused him and his brother falsely of attempting to defraud the institution $100,000 when they requested for payment.

“I was 16-years-old when the bank told my brother and I via a letter that we had committed a criminal offence and we were to take statements the next day at Equity Centre,” he reiterated.

The duo were later arraigned in court and charged with fraud and after three years, they were exonerated due to insufficient evidence. The petitioner composed and recorded the song while he was still in secondary school.

He wants the court to order the Bank to pay him $100,000.

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