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US Election: Obama endorses Biden, says democracy not transactional

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The Former American President, Barrack Obama has pleaded with Americans to believe in Democrats’ Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden’s ability to lead the country out of the dark times and build it back better, as Democracy was never meant to be transactional but requires an active and informed citizenry. While giving his speech at the Democrats National Convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday, Obama pointed out that President Donald Trump’s administration, those who benefit from keeping things the way they are, are counting on Americans’ cynicism, as they know they can’t win Americans over with their policies.

According to him, “Tonight, I am asking you to believe in Joe and Kamala’s ability to lead this country out of these dark times and build it back better. But here’s the thing: no single American can fix this country alone. Not even a president. “Democracy was never meant to be transactional, you give me your vote, I make everything better. It requires an active and informed citizenry. So I am also asking you to believe in your own ability, to embrace your own responsibility as citizens, to make sure that the basic tenets of our democracy endure”, he said.

He added that he understood why many Americans are down on government. “The way the rules have been set up and abused in Congress make it easy for special interests to stop progress. Believe me, I know. I understand why a white factory worker who’s seen his wages cut or his job shipped overseas might feel like the government no longer looks out for him, and why a Black mother might feel like it never looked out for her at all.

“I understand why a new immigrant might look around this country and wonder whether there’s still a place for him here; why a young person might look at politics right now, the circus of it all, the meanness and the lies and crazy conspiracy theories and think, what’s the point?”, he asked. He emphasized that Trump’s administration is hoping to make it as hard as possible for Americans to vote, and to convince Americans that their vote doesn’t matter. “That’s how they win. That’s how they get to keep making decisions that affect your life, and the lives of the people you love.

“That’s how the economy will keep getting skewed to the wealthy and well-connected, how our health systems will let more people fall through the cracks. That’s how a democracy withers, until it’s no democracy at all. We can’t let that happen. Do not let them take away your power. Don’t let them take away your democracy”, he said.

He urged Americans to make a right plan now on how they are going to get involved and vote. “Do it as early as you can and tell your family and friends how they can vote too. Do what Americans have done for over two centuries when faced with even tougher times than this, all those quiet heroes who found the courage to keep marching, keep pushing in the face of hardship and injustice”. 

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