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Valentine’s Day: Season Of Love

By Gabin Iyoha

It is that time of the year, the season of love as the valentine day is known. A time when we get to celebrate and show feelings of love and affection to our loved ones. 

Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14, recognised in most of the world. Though it is not a public holiday, most people celebrate this day in various ways, from taking loved partners to romantic dinners, to having close friends out for fun, some even choose this day to propose or get married. Greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts items are usually seen exchanging hands during this time.

The origin of valentine is still unclear, with many stories coming up. But many people believe that the day originated from a story of St. Valentine, a Roman priest who martyred around February 14 in 270 CE. Popular believes says he was a priest who married young couples in secret after Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage for young men (soldiers). Claudius believed they made better soldiers if they were single and unattached, but valentine married the young soldiers in secret, got arrested, imprisoned and later executed on February 14. He became the patron saint of lovers, and till date, people still regard February 14 as Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers. 

Traditional gifts for lovers on valentine day including candy and flowers, particularly red roses, a symbol of beauty and love. But as valentine is around the corner, you start to see romance everywhere and you become undecided on what to do with your partners or loved ones on this day, here are some suggestions:

Surprise with a getaway trip

Take a trip away from familiar territory, it gets boring over time. You can have a weekend getaway in another city or country. Get away from all familiar distractions and have the world to yourselves.

Movie marathon 

If you are not the outing type, you could plan a movie marathon. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to watch romantic movies while cuddling and sharing a bowl of popcorn, chocolate and drinks. Don’t forget to pop the champagne.

Craft something together

It does not matter if you have taken painting classes or some craft, what matters is the bonding that comes with making something together. You could even make a scrapbook of your relationship, all you need to do is gather fun photos, tickets or items you remember and make art out of it.

Have a game night

You can also have a game night where you play adult games. Don’t be shy to get all those sexy lingerie out. Play a simple game of truth and dare.

Go to a spa

Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation experience by having a couple’s massage or any other pampering at a local or expensive spa. Everyone loves to being pampered.

Whatever you decide to do this valentine season, don’t forget to spread love and appreciate your loved ones. You might not have the financial might to do something exotic or buy gifts, but a simple phone call telling someone of your affection is a good start.

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