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Vice President Refuses to Wear a Mask

By Esther Nyambura

Despite public health recommendation to wear a face mask, Vice president Mike Pense refuses to wear a mask during his Mayo Clinic visit. While touring the clinic, Pence was observed speaking to healthcare personnel along with touring a Coronavirus testing lab to get an explanation of the lab’s capabilities and didn’t wear a mask.

Pence was the only participant without a mask. His decision not to wear a mask even when surrounded by others who followed the policy was condemned by public health experts on Tuesday afternoon. The vice president Mike Pence responded to criticisms saying that he felt it is his duty to look healthcare personnel in the eye and say thank you.

“But why weren’t you wearing a mask?” he was asked. “In my role as a vice president, I and everyone else around me are tested for the Coronavirus on a regular basis, and that’s why I don’t think it’s necessary for me to wear a mask,” Mike told NBC News. His visit came on the same day that the number of deaths in the US due to COVID-19 surpassed 57,000.

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