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Viewpoint: Donald Trump; A Sore Loser of The Year

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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There may not be doubt in tagging the President of United States, President Donald Trump a sore loser of the year. He lost many things many ways and making the America political system a mockery of the global community. It is sad.

Even though he tried in winning more states votes than the elected Joe Biden in the just concluded poll, and most of those won states are in the hinterland of the country but disadvantageously, they are with less population with less electoral college voting power. While Biden on the other hand won convincingly in most of the Coastal states; from East Coast to West Coast, and a reflection of diversity in those areas are blacks, Hispanics and immigrants whose Trump have directly or indirectly traumatized.

But will Joe Biden be able to bring the country together off the division created by the outgoing President Donald Trump? While it looks so unlikely, we can only put in our support for him to succeed in that area.

Amd truthfully, globalization has in no small measure enriched so many people in the Democratic Party controlled states to the chagrin of the people in the hinterland of the country who are victims of the new order. Of course, Trump looks like a laughing stock with his bravado of bringing bad the American jobs while he mount the leadership position of the country, but rather than bringing those jobs back, he even end up mesmerizing many of the system with carelessness.

Mathematically speaking, bringing back those jobs will amount to the destruction of Wall Street players. It may even not be so, but it will be consider an attempt to that will be based on fantasy as it stand. Of course, there will be reaction and it may have effects on global financial empire, but its effects may not be that palatable as many may be fearing.

Caveat, will Donald Trump just go like that? No, he will definitely be remember as a conman, and most of his policies from withdrawal from climate change policy to World Health Organization, and to the cutting of taxes for big corporations and high network of individual will be reversed.

The issue of given out Jerusalem will be permanent, and a conflagration that will be explode in a sooner time than later that many may be expecting. In all sincerity, the world will remember Trump’s waiver that pave the way for some people that will be more dangerous than him. Their anger will be explode against the politicians and big corporations, but Joe Biden will be more resolute here than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden will put all his efforts in changing the public image and perception of the country, as he will be speaking the language that will be less divisive than Trump, which will then unite the people of various colors, and ethnicity.

By: Akeem Adedeji

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