Villa Gun Shot: Who Is After Buhari’s Wife In The Villa?

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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The unsettled State House of the Presidency, Aso Villa, has been a subject of discussion for days now that President Muhammad Buhari has not reacted to the ‘gun shot’ involving his first family; Aisha Buhari, Yusuf Buhari and some other children involving in the life threatening scenario.

Has President Muhammad Buhari not lost the internal control of his family with the domestic violence that keep erupting in almost every time within the villa? He has definitely, and probably that is the reflection of how Nigeria governance was lost and not in his control anymore.

In social setting, one’s family is always come first and driving force for any other task or assignment, but do President Muhammad Buhari took his family as the first and driving force for his government? Who dare to threat the first lady with gun shot can stage a coup to unseat the president that is not bothered about the security of his first family that he will be living with after leaving government?

And in a saner society, where everything was in order as structured, how can a personal assistant order his men to fire shots in the air to intimidate and scare away the president’s wife and family? That brings a question, where was Buhari at that time? Is Mr. President not as well aware of the gun shot?

The truth that must be known from this ugly development was that, if the wife of the president is been threatened, what is the fate of an ordinary citizen?

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