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We need more of God in Nigeria – Mrs Alasoadura

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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The wife of the Presiding Minister, Blessed and Fruitful Generation Assembly, Mrs Tomilola Alasoadura, a privilege servant of God, a woman who God has been using to work wonders in the life of women seeking the fruit of the womb, counseling of marriages and transforming homes. In this interview with OLUWASEUN SONDE speaks on her ministerial life, celebrating Yuletide with love and how Nigeria need more of God to rise again, firm in prayers both Christians and Muslims without barriers.

Can you take us through your ministerial life?
In the year 2006 during my final year in school, I was seriously ill and have taken all medications to no avail. On this faithful afternoon, I was sleeping when I saw a revelation. The Lord appeared to me through the image of our father in the Lord, Pastor E.A Adeboye, He assured me that I would be healed if I can start interceding for those believing him (God) for the fruit of the womb, and marriageable single sisters. I agreed to the revelation and I said “Yes I would”. When I woke up, I got relieved and within a short period my health was restored. I began to work and pray concerning the callings which many servants of God confirmed.

Mrs Tomilola Alasoadura and the Husband, the Presiding Minister of Blessed and Fruitful Generation Assembly, Mr Oladipupo Alasoadura

In fact, I have a message sent to me when I was in Ibadan from Abuja, that the mantle of grace has been released upon me, if I pick up the work that the Lord will take over. To the glory of God in 2013 during the commissioning of the Ministry which my husband presides, I was anointed by a mean of ordaining for the divine assignment, where a coordinate the women arm of the Ministry (Fruitful Women Intercessory Ministry) that will be six years by April, 2021, by the grace of God. We meet every Tuesday as we intercede for our home, pray for wombs that need to conception, pray for marriageable single sisters and Physical/spiritual healing; to the glory of God, many testimonies (miracle conception, marital settlements, healings among others) had been recorded. God has been faithful, Hallelujah!

Mrs Alasoadura, you worship God in a marvelous way, what’s the secret?
Hmmm! I worship God because I’m a thinker. I am alive by his grace and mercy. More so he (God) brought me from no level to this level, I was condemned by many, even by them that supported to encouraged me, my fellow human being cut me off from the help of men, and many more. but I began to see the acts of God in my life and home as I held on to Him. God is just too faithful to me. That’s the secret of my worship.

With the current happenings, COVID-19, insecurity, protests, can we say the world is coming to an end soon?
To my own understand, I don’t count it as the world is coming to an end because all these things are not new, different diseases have been rampant even before now, there was a time tuberculosis came in, also Malaria even Ebola. Protests and rioting were witnessed before now. These are challenges man need to face and which we will definitely overcome. At the end of every tunnel, there shall be light in Jesus name.

Mrs Tomi Alasoadura manifesting into the life of a baby

Nigeria has been going through its toughest time lately, as a spiritual mother what do you think Nigeria can do to overcome?
Well! Since it’s on spiritual aspect, the Bible says if my people that are called by my name can humble themselves and pray. So if we join hands together, humble ourselves before God, and pray both Christians and Muslims, call on God for peace of this nation; and do all things decently and in order. Glory to the prayer answering God, if not for prayers, only God known where we would have been as a nation but we still need more of God in Nigeria, and things to be rightly done. Let’s join hands together to pray for harmony in our nation. Surely, “Nigeria will rise again”.

Yuletide is around the corner, what is your message to the world?
My message to the world is to know and understand the reason for the season which is love. To accept the reason and the gift of the season.

How do you see the forthcoming year 2021?

It’s a year of glorification, a year God will glorify Himself in our life. Note, them that do according to His will, shall the Lord glorified. It’s a year that the glory of God would be seen practically in the life of His own. Hallelujah!

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