Wealth is a covenant right of God’s children- Alasoadura

The Presiding Builder of Blessed And Fruitful Generation Assembly Incorporated, Alasoadura Oladipupo, an annointed man of God, who God is using to transform life, in this interview with Oluwaseun Sonde, speaks on how tithe payment is covenant right for child of God that has understanding of God’s principal while wealth is a covenant right of God’s children according to the scriptures.

What can you say about immorality among men of God?

I like to tell you that whatever is bad is bad, however not all acquisitions are true some are just persecution from the pit of hell. That is why the Bible warned us as believers or as servants “Therefore let him that think he stands take heed less he fall”. The Lord will guide us.

Some men of God with lots of wealth while their followers have nothing still preaches about payment of tithe, what is your stake on it?

Wealth is a covenant right of God’s children according to the scriptures. Many men of God were mocked for lack of resources, no matter what, so far you are faithful with the assignment, God will showforth. Many forsake their careers, even some gave their properties out to start the ministry.

The Bible says “you shall receive hundredfolds in return of whatever you have left as a child of God” and His words must surely be established. The issue of tithe, tithe payment is covenant right for a child of God that has understanding of God’s principal. If you understood God’s Principles, you will pay your tithe.

How do you differentiate between Real Pastor and a fake one? It’s just the same different between fake products and good products. Once there is real, there will be fake. According to God’s words “but there were false prophets also among the people”. God’s word must be established, even there shall be false teachers among the people but it is left to you to know the real from fake one by his spirit.

Recently, we heard about man of God that gave N650m to repair the road to the church. What do you think, shouldn’t the money be used for the needy?

When government failed in its responsibilities, what do you expect the one that has the fear of God to do? It was my great father in faith that did what you asked and even one of the men of God that impacted me, Apostle Suleiman did same thing few weeks ago. See! These men of God have done the right thing but one thing about them that people don’t know is they don’t loud what they does because they are dangerous givers.

They have over hundered thousands of people, they are sending to schools. How many people, Nigeria government giving scholarship? when government give hundred they call it thousands but these men of God do more without publicity, talk of Bishop Oyedepo and Apostle Suleiman that embarked on a road projects. Furthermore, if there is accident on such road people will still say the pastors are using people for ritual.

Then the issue of poor people in the church, see scripture can not be broken, Bible says when that woman with the Alabaster box came and poured precious oilment upon the Lord, people were complaining that instead of her to sell it and give the money to the poor. Jesus Christ answered and said, No matter how there shall still be poor people in His church, no matter how big or small the church is. So I think, they have done the right thing to repair the roads. Thank you and God bless you.

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