What you should know as a single

By Edeh Chinaza

To the single ladies, have this in mind; every woman on earth has a man destined for her as a husband. It doesn’t matter whether he locates you as early as 18 years or as late as 40. What measures is that he finally locates you. In as much as it is often taken to be that the single Ladies are the most desperate when it comes to marriage, same is applicable to the guys when critically looked at.

After all, everyone wants to live happily ever after. So early from bed is early to work. This is to say that the marriage of the youth is very interesting even though it can be bitter when married to the wrong person. Always remember that it is better late than be late.

Nevertheless, the best marriage is the one involving two persons who are destined to lived together. Therefore, rushing in might lead to rushing out or managing it in the regrets. Pressure should not determine time to marry rather God’s time should prevail.

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