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Which African foods will you cook during quarantine

By Tatenda Marwodzi

Like many countries around the world, African leaders have started encouraging citizens to practise social distancing. Travelling less, shutting down schools and avoiding public gatherings or events.

Basically, avoid human contact as much as possible. While the pandemic hasn’t taken full effect in Africa with some speculation that our hot climate is helping us for now, very soon we may be forced to self quarantine in our homes.

This measure will be useful in preventing the spread of coronavirus while we take a much needed break from work.

However, staying cooped up at home all day can get boring and no amount of Youtube, DStv or Netflix can rid of this boredom. Many will turn to their long forgotten pantries for some entertainment.

Admit it, long days at the office often lead to most of us turning to fast food for a quick fix. So, if you are going to panic buy in anticipation of a shutdown, at least stock up on healthy traditional alternatives.

Africa is one continent with a variety of grains, spices, fruits and vegetables that are used in many signature dishes from garri, sadza, ugali, injera, matoke, couscous, feijoada, the list is endless. And as Africans, we pride ourselves in being able to grow our food in our own backyard with little to no genetic modification.

The coronavirus pandemic will definitely need us to equip our immune systems with these healthier options. While food alone will not cure the virus, there is evidence that 80% of people with strong immune systems have recovered without needing special treatment.

Call your grandmother for that secret family recipe, cook with your kids, post pictures of your meals online to inspire others. Basically have fun with it.

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