Who cursed African Leaders?-Zimbabwe

By Loise Kinuthia

Reports going round about Zimbabwe agreeing to compensate white farmers whose land got seized and was put for public use is despicable. $3.5bn as compensation from a struggling economy is not just immoral but as the same time unjust.

In any case were the Zimbabweans whose lands were confiscated compensated? Even if they claim they are getting compensated for land improvement and infrastructure, I believe the period they had used those lands for free is a compensation in itself.

Who are the original owners of these fields and ranches that the whites are laying claims to? Those are the people who should get the compensation. Its high time African governments stop playing puppets and look into the welfare of its citizens and not serve the interests of their former colonies.

Reports indicates that, since the government doesn’t have money to even feed it own citizens, the government in corroboration with the white farmers will approach the International Financial Markets to raise funds for this compensation.

How dumb is this approach considering, you are already on red alert on your credit worthiness in that field. Yet you want to raise fund you will pay later, not to feed your citizens but to pay for a compensation that not supposed to be there in the first place.

The reasoning behind this compensation is arguably for Zimbabwe to get back in the good books with international community. This is the worst kind of arm twisting reasoning i have seen in years. If the international community wants to help Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans at large, leave them along and let them rebuild their nation without external interference. The Zimbabwe government needs to show its people that they didn’t do an injustice to themselves by putting them in power. 

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