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Why Legio Maria leadership is bitterly fought for

Kenyans woke up to the ugly news of Legio Maria church members turning against each other in what has been acertained as fight over the church leadership. The function taking place was an annual ceremony held in rememberance of it’s founder Simeo Ondetto commonly known as  Pope Milkeo Ondetto.

It is alleged that one Lawrence Kalul forcefully appointed himself as Pope because he claims the current Pope Raphael Adika is too old to lead and should retire with immediate effect. This lead to death and bloodshed when Pope Adika’s faithful Entourage was attacked by Kakul’s faculty leading to Police intervention which was rather too late as more than three people lost their lives and a vehicle belonging to Pope Adika’s side was burnt beyond recognition.

Members of Legio Maria are fighting due to hierarchy benefits. The church was started by a group of walkaway Kisii Catholic Diocese from Southern Nyanza led by one Simeo Melkia Ondetto has grown to accommodate members from different parts of the country.

The major reason for the fight is the Pope’s control of over 4.5 million members who are in most cases willing to pay for the Pope’s upkeep. With the lucrative upkeep gifts, the Pope is therefore able to comfortably engage himself in the church’s most accepted way of life-polygamy. The seat also comes with the control of an annual Ksh. 5 Million kitty.

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