Why President Buhari Should End Boko Haram Killing In Nigeria

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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Nigeria’s security system is presently on the edge of a cliff about to fell off the cliff or jump down unconsciously and injured all those within the security system. We are not all safe anymore with the level through which the Boko Haram and Bandits are killing the Nigerian people, and sadly, in a gruesome and inhuman manner.

To say we are not helpless with the collapsed security system and operation is to say we are deceiving ourselves out of fear and patriotism. It is then very obvious that President Muhammad Buhari has failed on all fronts in securing the people from Boko Haram and Banditry’s internal oppression as the killings keep going and rising.

Just to mention, the over 43 farm workers killed in a very devastating manner is evidence that, Nigerians are not saved from this rascality of terrorists, do we know who is next?

Many then have started questioning the sense of human and ‘president’ in Muhammad Buhari.

Is President not aware of what is happening in Borno and Sokoto in particular where the dreadful terrorists are sacking peoples’ live in an open glance? The cry of the Sultan of Sokoto is a further testament to the fact that things are not okay.

What is Buhari watching, is he watching the news report of how the 43 farm workers were killed and later buried amidst tears or those rogues in the presidency switch his TV channel to African Magic Hausa for him to relax his aging body with some comic jokes there?

No responsive and responsible leaders will be watching how his people are been killed every day and do nothing but mischievously channeling Niger republic road.

It is very funny for Nigerians to have such a person like that as president at this perilous time in the country.

But how are we ending this menace of Boko Haram, Banditry, Kidnappers in the South, and whole others threatening the peaceful existence of the country? Somebody should help President Muhammad Buhari switched his TV see to Channels or CNN or AlJazeera, and not NTA because they will only be showing how to plant maize.

The President and other public office holders should not be shocked by the news every time, action should be taking. The presidency should as well honor the human race by stop defending the security guard that has to loosen her tightening rope, and which makes everyone to be prey in the hand of Boko Haram.

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