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Will China lead the World Against Transparent US?

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

Stretching the truth, while China ascendancy as a global power is undeniable, but will China be able to lead the world as much as America? It’s very doubtful because many of the best students in America today are either China-born or Chinese Americans. The diversity of America gives it a unique opportunity to lead the world and, unfortunately, corporate greed is killing that dream.

George Soros was born in Hungary and he used the opportunity America gave him to excel educationally and as a corporate titan. Following the reluctance of the United Kingdom to join the common currency in Europe, George Soros used his mathematical and analytical skills to bet against pound sterling that the currency did not worth its value and in the process made billions of dollars out of the gamble.

Soros was considered as a man who almost bankrupts the United Kingdom. To save humanity, Wall Street needs to collapse and the only way that can be done is to integrate our global economy so that we will all have a dollar as our common currency and from there we will work towards a common government. Many people will laugh at the idea as being quixotic, and in our efforts to look at the spiritual implication of this absurdity we found out that would be the battle cry of the person our Christian brethren called antichrist after the collapse of the global economy and government.

Not trying spiritual and not in a better situation to authenticate it, but when we see the projection our world is going, it’s increasingly becoming a dangerous place to live in and people like George Soros are not really helping matters but just postponing the day of reckoning.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the United States is a microcosm of the world and the embodiment of what our world will become eventually. While not denigrate China or its global ambition, but just a realization that it will not work. The problem if America today is the insatiable appetite to make money by some very few at the expense of our commonalities. How many countries in the world did we see two people of Indian descent becoming governors at the same time?

This is America and it happened in antebellum South where the vestiges of slavery against black people and supremacy of white folks still reign supreme. We know many finest Muslims who were politically minded and whose political aspirations were scuttled by 9/11, but today a new generation of Muslims is cropping up who now separate political Islam from the real Islam and they are winning.

Many Muslims are now representing their constituencies in America, a Hijab-wearing lady won an election in the 21st century America and nobody gave a damn and it happened in one of the European- centric enclaves in America and thus was the time when the Chinese government was persecuting its Uyghur Muslims minority for not practicing a form of Islam that conformed to Communist ideology. When in New York City we used to go to a mosque called Masjid-Taqwa, which means fear of Allah mosque. The point in using this mosque is just to let us know how America is changing despite many of its shortcomings.

At the time they used to call for donation so that the mosque will not close down, now the imam of the mosque, a black American who converted to Islam in his youth, Imam Siraj Wahj is one of the noted Islamic scholars being sort for all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam! Last year during the Ramadan fasting, the people who came for the Tarawih, now spilled over to the main road on Fulton Street that the New York Police Department had to provide special protection for the worshipers and the members of the public.

As a businessman, some will have many things to gain in doing business with China than probably with America, so my honest opinion does not necessarily represent a competitive aspect of it, but just to let us know that the world will gain better in a transparent America where competition, rule of law and a right to pursue happiness are entrenched in their constitution than a wannabe China that could not even guarantee freedom for its citizens.

Photo Credit: Google & Akeem Adedeji Page

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