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Will president Uhuru set the country free?

By Susan Njire

Kenyans are eagerly waiting to hear what president Uhuru Kenyatta Will say during his 12th address to the nation since the Corona virus struck the nation back in March 18 2020.

The president is expected to among other things announce whether he will lift the 9:pm-4:am curfew and decide the fate of bars and clubs after six months of closure.

Bars were closed and restaurants barred from selling alcohol on March 25 2020 as the government moved to curb the spread of covid-19.

Among other restrictions introduced by the government was the requirement to keep a two-meter distance in public places.

Restaurants and eateries were among places initially closed but were reopened under strict conditions which were slowly relaxed over time.

During Uhuru’s last address,bar owners were directed to develop self regulating mechanisms in consultation with the ministry of health.

Governor’s and other officials are currently at the national covid-19 conference at KICC to give their views on the lessons learned in fighting the virus that can be used to reopen the country and move it forward.

The address by the president will unveil the containment measures that shall guide Kenya into the new normal.

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