Winky D responds to fans who think he is too social media shy

By Tatenda Marwodzi

The king of Zim dancehall, Winky D, took time out of his busy schedule to address the elephant in the room- Why is he so social media shy?Firstly, Winky D wants to make this clear- he is not shy. “I don’t think I live in a shell,” he said while sitting across interviewer, Trevor Ncube in a 50-minute interview that took fans by surprise as the musician hardly ever participates in these sit-downs.

“As far as my social media handles are concerned, everything concerning the brand Winky D we give people updates,” he continued.<br> <br>The artist further explained that the difference between him and other social media users is that he does not share his private life only his work. “I have made sure that my social media is a platform for me to send my message concerning the business side of Winky D.”

Winky D has a twitter account with over 120k followers, a Facebook page with over 280k fans and an Instagram page with 193k followers. And despite his success locally and internationally he chooses to keep his pages strictly professional avoiding posts that may be personal. Fans have little to no information about his private life.

Though fans are dying to know why he keeps things that way, the award-winning artist did admit that being a celebrity has its downfalls. He has constantly received hate which could be a reason why he has kept his private life safe from this cyberbullying.And to the fans that have requested for the musician to engage more on social media by responding to comments, the artist, unfortunately, said that will not be happening because he does not want to be caught up in the rumours. “Its really difficult to respond because most of the things that will be circulating will be rumours,” he said. Fans will have to eventually accept and respect the fact that he is a private individual.

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