Women’s Day: meant to play crucial roles for humanity – Aisha

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The First Lady of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Mrs Aisha Muhammadu  Buhari has said that the occasion of International Women’s Day is not only meant to celebrate women’s achievements but to remind them of those crucial roles towards making the world a better place for humanity.

In a statement released by the First Lady of Nigeria from the State House, Abuja on Sunday as she joined fellow women in Nigeria and around the World in celebration of this special day, the International Women’s Day (IWD) March 8. She said since 8th of March was set aside to celebrate women since the early 1900s.

“Women have come a long way since then, there is virtually no ceiling that women have not shattered, standing tall and shoulder to shoulder with their male compatriots. “Our journeys and achievements are some good illustrations of the progress that we have made. We have cause to celebrate these accomplishments here in Nigeria”, she said.

She noted that women are in politics, elected into offices of the Parliament and the Executive, serving as top appointed Government officials, captains of industry and activists who have devoted their lives to improving the lives of other Nigerians. “We are also mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, role models, co-workers, and equal stakeholders in project humanity.

We are all these and even more. We work hard to keep our homes and our country safe and history has shown that societies are more prosperous and peaceful when women are more equal and have the rights and opportunities they deserve”, she said.

She added that as a country, women benefit greatly for every young girl that gets to go to school whose potentials get unlocked, every woman whose talent is tapped and utilized. “But despite the glowing accomplishments by Nigerian Women, the work is far from done.

“There are women who face challenges on a daily basis, from domestic violence, to sexual harassment in work places, to unequal economic opportunities and in some cases, some repugnant cultural setbacks for girls out of school that should be in school”. She emphasized that change is hard and it is definitely slow but Nigerians  will get there if Nigerian women keep fighting and working together.

“We may not live to enjoy the shade of the trees we are planting today, just like our mothers and grandmothers before us, who could only dream of where we are today, but we will create that path for our daughters and sons to follow.

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