Zim minister says Covid-19 is a punishment for Western countries only

By Tatenda Marwodzi

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Zimbabwe minister of defence, Oppah Muchinguri made a heartless remark over the weekend claiming that “God has sent the coronavirus to America as punishment for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe.” She added “They are now stuck in their homes. There is nothing else for them to do. Their economies are now screaming. Aren’t they making us scream too?”

Her remarks have been considered irresponsible and undiplomatic especially at a time when nations are losing innocent lives to the pandemic.

The minister has shown a high level of ignorance as credible reports have shown that the virus is affecting all countries including China, Italy, South Africa and many others regardless of whether they have bad relations with Zimbabwe or not.

Her remarks are also hypocritical as Zimbabweans are also at risk of contracting the virus.

In a frantic move to save face, the President, Emmerson Mnangagwa released a statement saying “Pandemics like Covid-19 cannot be blamed on anyone since they have a scientific explanation.”

He went on to declare the pandemic as a national crisis discouraging public gatherings and international travel.

Whilst it seems that the only sensible thing for Muchinguri to do is to air a public apology, she has remained hidden from the media since the scandal leaving many to wonder if she has any remorse.

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