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Zimbabwe hasn’t find it easy to further relax Covid-19 restrictions

By Almot Maqolo

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Zimbabwe has not found it easy to further relax any imposed restrictions as the devastating effects of the global pandemic still linger over all facets of life in the country. The number of infections continue to soar while there has also been an increase in the death toll from the Pandemic. Zimbabwe has so far recorded 7116 Cases, 5373 recoveries and 208 Deaths.

Resultantly, most civil service work remain curtailed. However, there has been some commendable progress mostly in project activities of a virtual nature.  “System based project activities have become more lively with increased access to remote connectivity to Users and service providers,” the government said in a statement.

The southern African nation and its development partners have commendably provided required resources (VPN Lines, Sim Cards and Data) to realize remote connectivity.  “Project activities that require virtual interaction between project team members and service providers have similarly benefited immensely from availed virtual communication platforms and tools. The Ministry of ICT team’s efforts have been sterling and outstanding in this regard.”

Logistical glitches still exist in project activities that require physical interventions. The government said delivery of outstanding hardware equipment for outstanding project activities is most notable in this regard. This comes as here have been some delays in the delivery of solar equipment for all kiosks as well as computers and printers for phase 2 and 3 of kiosk implementations.

“While these project challenges are worrisome and require detailed attention, it is also worthwhile and satisfactory to note that relevant authorities are doing everything possible to have them resolved,” it said. The Public Finance Management Enhancement Project (PFMEP) continues to gain momentum irrespective of the disruptive effects of Covid-19.

“The project team remains resolute in project activities implementation despite the restrictions of the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown,” reads part of the statement. December 31, 2020 remains the project closure date for the entire project.

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