Zimbabwe: MDC handing Zanu PF victory in 2023 elections

By Almot Maqolo

The ruling Zanu PF party is basking in the comfort of the infighting in the opposition MDC as the country is moving towards elections in 2023. While the two MDC factions are fighting, the ruling party is busy organizing and strengthening its structures ahead of the elections. It is widely believed that the ruling party is sponsoring the bloodletting in the opposition through paying Thokozani Khupe and her allies to destroy the opposition party before the elections.

While Khupe and senior Zanu PF officials have denied the association, it is clear to everyone that there is something going on otherwise there cannot be any other motive for her to be doing what she is except for monetary gain. While the budgets for all other Ministries and departments are tabled and scrutinized in Parliament, that for the President’s Office is not, and it is also not audited. It is under this office that operations of the CIO fall, both over and covet.

The CIO is the one dolling out the funds to Khupe and partners to buy MDC officials to defect from the Nelson Chamisa-led factions. Sources say recently a councilor for Greendale was given US$10 000 to defect to Khupe and he bought a car. While the MDCs are fighting, the ruling party is mobilising support in rural areas where it is distributing agricultural inputs to over 2 million people under the Pfumvudza scheme as it sets its sights on the 2023 polls. Rural areas are traditionally the strongholds of Zanu PF while the MDC gets its votes in urban areas.

With urban areas burning under the internal fights, the support of the MDC will be diminished while that for Zanu PF will multiply through the programs that it is implementing. Zanu PF will be assured of the 2 million votes of the people that it is giving inputs as well as others who have always voted for it. In the 2018 Presidential election, President Emmerson Mnangagwa got 2.6 million votes while Chamisa got 2.1 million.

With the bloodletting in the MDC, Chamisa is set to lose some of the votes he got in 2018 while President Mnangagwa will gain more and he will win by a wider margin in 2023, removing any chances of the election being disputed. The efforts that President Mnangagwa and his government are making to turn around the economy will also endear him to the electorate while the propaganda that Chamisa and his colleagues invited sanctions which are hurting the people will further alienate him from the voters.

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