Zimbabwe: Opposition leader tells Govt to ‘Stop Bullying Teachers’

By Almot Maqolo

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Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party leader Nelson Chamisa on Thursday demanded that the government must resolve the salary impasse with teachers as the education sector cannot be allowed to sink.

The southern African nation on Tuesday said in tandem with its obligations to pay a decent wage, it had reviewed upwards the salary increase offer to Civil Servants to 40% which will be awarded to deputy director grade and below.Striking teachers yesterday rejected the 40% salary increase offered by the government and said they will not resume classes.

“STOP BULLYING TEACHERS Education must not be allowed to sink. Engage Teachers and address their concerns. Restore the dignity of the teaching profession,” Chamisa wrote on his twitter handle.

“Examining without teaching is a no brainer. Rural child without access to TV, radio, computer, internet most vulnerable.”They (teachers) are demanding the government increase their salaries to US$550 or equivalent (ZWL$44 000) in local currency. However, the government has indicated it has no capacity to meet the teachers’ demands.

“I am highly concerned about the sitting candidates of 2020. The Regime can do better and push for better education for our Children,” said one twitter user.Another twitter user said: “Thank you for raising your voice. I hope this conversation will escalate to offices of the relevant ministries and stakeholders.”

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