Zimbabwe: Parading opposition official unwise move

By Almot Maqolo

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The parading on Monday at State House of former top MDC official Tongai Matutu was not a strategic move as he is no longer popular in the opposition party and will not bring any supporters to the ruling Zanu PF party.

A founding member of the MDC, Matutu was once a senior official of the party in Masvingo province but fell out with the local supporters and national leadership due to his arrogant and controversial character.

He lost control of the province when he lost his Parliamentary seat to a rival within the party in 2013.

Matutu went on to join the People’s Democratic Party led by Tendai Biti who left him homeless in 2018 when he abandoned his party to join the MDC-Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa.

Since then a powerful opposition official has been in the political wilderness and his latest move is an obvious attempt to revive his political career and remain relevant.
Matutu told the media that he left the MDC because it did not have direction and its ideology was against the interests of the people.

He said if Zanu PF could give a signal that it welcomed people who wanted to defect from the MDC many people would flock to the ruling party by 2023.

Analysts say it was not surprising that Matutu was paid to appear in public denouncing the MDC as a foreign sponsored party created to further the interests of the white former masters.
It is however obvious to most people that like all politicians, Matutu has failed to accept becoming an ordinary person after having tasted power.

He has found a willing partner in President Mnangagwa who is busy scheming to destroy the MDC and remove the threat that its leader Chamisa poses to his chances in 2023.

President Mnangagwa is working with Thokozani Khupe and her allies to destroy the MDC and Chamisa ahead of 2023.
He has also created the Political Actors Dialogue to neutralize other opposition players and ensure his reign is smooth and he can implement his programs without much opposition.

Analysts however warn against offering senior positions to Matutu and others who will join the ruling party as it will create hostility and alienate them from serving members.

As the clock ticks towards 2023, the country should expect to witness more MDC officials being paraded at rallies and on television as a campaign gimmick to woo supporters to the ruling party.

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