Zimbabwe risks a resurgence of Covid-19 cases

By Almot Maqolo

Zimbabwe could witness a resurgence of Covi-19 infections as people are no longer taking recommended health safety measures to avoid contracting the disease. Most people in high density suburbs are no longer wearing face masks and practicing social distancing as they seem to believe that the pandemic has passed. 

The government recently lifted most lockdown restrictions as it sought to open up the economy and people seem to have taken the move as a signal that danger was over.

A number of Western countries are witnessing a resurgence in Covi-19 cases and governments are reintroducing lockdown restrictions. With schools set to reopen next month, the country could witness a spike in infections as children are not likely to observe health safety measures.

People are now wearing face masks only when they want to board transport into the city while private commuter buses are cramming passengers inside as they seek to maximize on earnings.

In work places few people are still wearing face masks and while the few who do will be wearing them under their chins. In the locations people can be seen walking in the streets without the masks while groups of youths gather at street corners without keeping distance.

Regular washing of hands and sanitizing are now an inconvenience as people seem to assume that the worst is over. At bottle stores and bars some people even share bottles of beer and cigarettes oblivious to the threat of the virus.

With 236 deaths and less than 9 000 confirmed cases Zimbabwe had managed to keep its rate of infection low but the sudden change in attitudes and behaviors could see the country witnessing a new wave of the pandemic.

The Covi-19 pandemic has worsened the economic situation in the country as people have to go out to eke out a living in an environment where inflation is over 600 percent and unemployment more than 80 percent.

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