Zimbabwe stands guided by international diplomatic protocols

By Almot Maqolo

The Zimbabwe government stands guided by the U.N. and other bodies such as the AU and SADC in its interactions with other countries in the world, a senior official has said. Foreign Affairs spokesperson Shepherd Gwenzi said the government respected the sovereignty of other nations and does not interfere in the internal affairs of fellow countries.

Gwenzi said it was the sovereign right of the UAE to establish diplomatic relations with any nation, including Israel. He said Zimbabwe does not overly concern itself with the diplomatic affairs of other countries as it stands guided by international protocols on foreign relations.

Gwenzi said on the Israel-UAE peace deal, Zimbabwe stands guided by the sentiments of U.N. secretary general Antonio Gutterez who said the organization “welcomed any initiative that promoted peace and security in the Middle East region”. He said Zimbabwe continues to support the struggle of the Palestinians for self-determination and the withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories.

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