Zimbabwe: US$500 in funeral assistance to any civil servant who dies

By Almot Maqolo

Zimbabwe is now paying an equivalent of US$500 (ZWL$40 670) as funeral assistance to any civil servants who would have passed on, an official said.

In a tweet, Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana said: “Starting immediately, the Govt will pay an equivalent US$500 in funeral assistance for any civil servant who passes away. This is regardless of any funeral policy the member may have. The money is paid to a surviving spouse, adult children or agreed dependent.”

Civil servants have been battling to secure a living wage from the government with not much success, forcing teachers, nurses and doctors to down tools.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe tweeted: “Thank you Nick. The reason why we join funeral policies is because we have relatives and children who also depend on us for that.”

“They and we also need food and other things while still alive. Give us a living wage and we decide how we live and get buried.” It is shocking how this government prefers dead civil servants to living and working ones, said another twitter user.

“Teachers who are sick cannot afford to seek medication. All teachers are suffering from stress related diseases. Their employer prepares for, instead of, preventing their deaths.”

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