Zimbabweans bitter with Zanu PF for impoverishing them

By Almot Maqolo

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Many Zimbabweans are bitter with the Zanu PF for ruining the country and their lives through years of looting and implementing bad policies which have seen the economy slide into a deep ravine from which it cannot be pulled out.

The country witnessed some improvement in living standards for a short period soon after independence when the economy was still strong and the government was directing resources towards development.

That short period saw the government building hundreds of schools, clinics, hospitals, dams, bridges and other infrastructure for the previously marginalized people in both urban and rural areas.

The period of promise was however short as the ruling elite soon became greedy and began a looting spree which started with the Willowvale Mazda Motors (Willowgate) scandal, the War Veterans Compensation, War Victims Compensation, the GMB, the VIP Housing Scheme scandals and others.

While they have been amassing wealth, the ruling elite have been telling the people to be patient claiming they were fixing things to improve their lives.

It is the worsening economic situation and continued looting which led to the formation of the opposition MDC in 1999 as people were tired of suffering and wanted change.

Sensing danger, Zanu PF sought to appease the people through implementing some populist policies meant to economically empower them but which ended up being hijacked by those in positions of power and their cronies.

These include the land reform and indigenisation programs which resulted in the country being slapped with punitive sanctions and isolated by Western countries.

The land grab saw the ruling elite taking over prime farms including property such as farm houses, machinery and livestock while the majority was left standing and watching.

Although the majority did not benefit from the looting, they are the ones bearing the brunt of the sanctions which have almost brought the country to its knees.

Many companies have closed leaving thousands jobless while the future of millions who graduate from universities and colleges is bleak.

Millions of people do not know formal employment and do not dream of ever getting it in their entire lives.
The future of many youths has been ruined as they are wasting their lives partaking in drugs and alcohol while others engage in crime to survive.

The removal of former President Robert Mugabe and the installation of President Mnangagwa in 2017 brought some hope among the people but this quickly vanished as the situation went from bad to worse with the regime appearing to be clueless for solutions.

It is against this background that many people are bitter with Zanu PF and would want to see its back in 2023.
The ruling party has however taken measures to maintain its hold on power including sponsoring chaos in the opposition to destroy it and bribing some of them to join it.

It will therefore not be a stroll in the park for the fragmented opposition to dislodge the ruling party despite enjoying massive support.

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