Zim’s security, stability under siege from internal & external actors

By Almot Maqolo

Zimbabwe’s security and stability is currently under siege from a number of threats being fomented by internal and external actors, State Security Minister Owen Ncube said on Monday. 

Ncube told the media that the objective of this attack is to effect an unconstitutional change of government following the outcome of the 2018 harmonised elections which was not favorable to the MDC-Alliance and its foreign backers. 

“As state security arms of government, we would like to assure citizens that we are watching the environment very closely and that we shall fulfill our mandate of ensuring peace, stability and development in Zimbabwe,” he said. 

The latest ploy of regime change has manifested itself in the opposition’s never ending calls for demonstrations, he said, aimed at diverting government from pursuing its vision 2030 agenda and stocking factionalism within Zanu PF. 

“They have gone to the extent of lying that there is a fall out between His Excellency, President E. D Mnangagwa and Vice President, General (Rtd) Dr Constantino Chiwenga. 

“They have also attempted to cause western countries, the SADC and Churches to turn against government by making false allegations of human rights abuses,” he said. 

Ncube said the negative forces have even gone to the extent of stage managing abductions and propagating lies on social media. 

“We also notice attempts by self-exiled G40 elements, such as Professor Jonathan Moyo, to destabilize the security services through making false accusations about security officers who are unwavering in their determination to defend national sovereignty,” he said. 

The methods used by state security agents in Zimbabwe, he said, are within the confines of the law. 

“In the west, the Logan Act and the Patriot Act allow the use of methods which, if adopted by our security services would be condemned as acts of repression,” he said. 

“As security services, we know and appreciate that they will never see anything in good light until the land reform is reversed and the opposition comes to power.”

Ncube said that the security sector is watching attempts to drive Zimbabwe into chaos. 

“They do not push for agendas to violently take over power, destroy public infrastructure and sabotage the livelihoods of citizens,” he added.

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