New generation youth leader in Kenyan village inspires hope


Hon Johnson Kamau Wainaina

Community leaders have many different temperaments and styles. Some leaders are more demonstrative while others lead quietly but command respect. Yet there are a few common threads among successful leaders.
They must possess empathy, the ability to inspire, strong communication skills and pride in their community. Effective leaders are problem solvers who involve all members of their teams. They get people to work together toward a common goal. They focus on building effectiveness – the ability to get things done

In the past five years, Johnson Kamau, cordially known as HUDUMA ( Service) has lived up to his nickname by walking the talk, testament to his commitment to serve. Focusing on integral pillars of society such as Health, Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Education, Kamau has planned to organize the people of Kariara in CBOs and targeted the Ward Development Fund to effect positive change in his community. Speaking to our correspondents, Kamau had this to say,

“We’ve been training women and youth groups on investments, after training them I provide them with necessary seed to start their investment, for example there is this women group I have given an incalf pig, for others we have started tree nursery. This is what has attracted donors and mentors with the objective of getting them to support our noble cause. For instance, they can offer to train the youth groups or facilitate the training. I also lobbied for numerous development projects like Wanyaga water project worth 40m, regular clean water supply to Kimandi residents, construction of two classrooms , 4 toilets at Wanyaga primary school. Some of the proposed projects are Kimandi dispensary, Ndakaini maternity wing and upgrading of Gatura health centre”
In true leadership character, Kamau has been seen to ceaselessly pursue the goal of community development through various platforms. Spearheading development right from his own village, he currently plays the following vital roles;
• The pioneer of development community based organisations in Kariara.
• The chairman of Wanyaga Development CBO
• Patron of Kimandi Development CBO
• Patron of Ndakaini Development CBO and Secretary to Kariara Development CBO.
• Chairman of the board, Wanyaga Primary (The school’s performance has greatly improved from a mean score of 230s to 277 in 2022 under his leadership. He has also lobbied for the construction of 2 classrooms and 4 toilets the same school).
• Treasurer, Wanyaga Dispensary.

That right there is what you want in your next MCA Kariara, demonstrable ability to perform!

A local farmer had this to say to our reporter concerning the upcoming elections in Kenya. “He (Kamau) has shown us that for sure charity begins at home. Come August we will Vote Johnson Kamau Wainaina (HUDUMA). Na Kariara tutahudumiwa (and we as the people of Kariara will be served).”
They say everything rises and falls on leadership and Johnson has taken this a step further by demonstrating that you can lead from any level and the grassroots is a good place to initiate the change you want to see in your community. A perfect exemplification of effective local area level representation, then this is the man to watch.

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